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— Ok, it’s me.


Creativity for a living.

Aitor Molina / GUETHARY

Aitor Molina / UREI 1620

Aitor Molina / ZENITZ

Aitor Molina / RAPHA


Writing about myself is everything but easy. If I try to make it short I'd say that I make people feel something about anything.

My background is in engineering, industrial design and music. I have spent 9 years living in Madrid and moved early from Product Design to Communications. And how to tell a story. Specially without words.

I have been collecting records forever, electronic mostly. But I can’t live without Bach and Chopin. I used to dj a lot. And made it to the main stage of the SONAR Festival (Barcelona). It was 2009 and that dj set will be in my memory forever. I produced some music and have some tracks in SPOTIFY. My collection is some thousands big. 100% vinyl. I play records on my Urei 1620, using Vermona filters and an Alpha Recording Studios isolator. Usually very loud.

I’ve fallen in love with photography when I realized that it was the only way to stop the time. My first paid shooting was in 2008. I have never got a magazine cover… Well, actually I did, but being photographed instead being the photographer. It was for CODE Fashion Magazine, Amsterdam 2016.

I do design, branding consulting and creative/art direction for private companies and public institutions, but never for politicians, sorry. I worked both for agencies and direct-client way. I do work in Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián, where I'm based right now working for Pukas Surf and other regular clients.

I rebranded and redesigned the Spanish cycling magazine “Pedalier” and ended up directing it and riding all over Europe just to try to put words to the feelings you get pedaling. I rode 298 km from Milano to San Remo following the MILANO - SAN REMO race itinerary. It was epic. I climbed the Tourmalet 17 times. Once did it solo, in January and by night. It was snowing, freezing and fantastic. I am an ambassador for Rapha.

I design and shoot photos for Pukas Surf everyday. It’s way more a family than a company. Pukas Surfboards won the World Championship in 2014 under the feet of Gabriel Medina. And in 2000 with Sunny Garcia. And the Big Wave World Tour with Grant “Twig” Baker in 2014 and 2016. There, I create concepts, visual identities, graphics and shoot photos of the “what’s going on” in the surfing community and the surfing itself. On a daily basis.

I surf single fin classic surfboards. I wish it happens more often. Sometimes I shape some for myself too. They perform terribly bad. But it's fun as hell. Big waves scare me so much. But love them too. The 2016 Nazaré Big Wave Challenge changed my life.

I’m Creative Director for FAR, a running garments company based in Barcelona developing luxury basics to make running a better sport. I ran a half marathon with my dad and never felt so proud of someone. I ran a marathon in more than 3'5h, obviously, I’m not going to go the Olympics for running.

My name is Aitor Molina, and I’m based in San Sebastian.